Kieran Riley Abbott is a visual artist based in Philadelphia, PA. From 2017-18 she was a Staff-Artist at Vermont Studio Center, and was an Intern-in-Residence at Women’s Studio Workshop in 2016. She recently completed an Apprenticeship at The Fabric Workshop & Museum and a Fob Holder session at Second State Press. Kieran also helps artists and nonprofits design their websites with Squarespace (find out more here!)



I make prints, objects, and installations that pursue the ambiguous space between two and three dimensions. I take inspiration from maps, diagrams, optical illusions, and puzzles. The process of flattening real three-dimensional space into a two-dimensional representation such as a map or diagram, on paper or a screen, is both intriguing and problematic. In this intentional flattening, I question who decides what information is included and excluded, emphasized and de-emphasized. The way in which flatness is deceptive and flawed as we attempt to render it pictorially is a recurring theme in my practice.